Man Bites God

Envy & Other Sins

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's good to meet again,
It's good to get you in one place.
Forget your dreary lives, left in the cold outside.
You have no name, you leave no trace.

Forget your weary problems (Take off your clothes)
There's far too many of them (And it's worse than you suppose)
Indulge your animal instincts (Unload your heads)
It shouldn't take a moment (To cross your legs instead)

We're rotten to the core, we're all the same, we are scum
You were like us, but when did you become so righteous?
Let's do a roaring trade, 'til the day the Messiah comes,
And stops us having fun
In times of mass hysteria (Keep track of your friends)
But keep your enemies nearer (Lest they start pretend...)
…ing that they always loved you (Right from the start)
And try to claim it back off you.

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