Envy & Other Sins

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I drift among the flotsam and the jetsam.
The last remaining scraps of other people's lives
Cut off from the so-called civilised
We drift along and on the waves that bring me here,
I've travelled far from home to meet the rising sun
But it's not all I hoped, and now I only crave to see your face.

Shipwrecked in the cold, cold water.
Blood still flows but breath gets shorter,
You can help me back to dry land.

Now our companions all are lost
There is no way of telling how it's going to end
Each frozen hour has its cost,
But every heated minute more than makes amends.
And though you raise a smile for people drifting by,
They sink beneath the waves that gnaw upon the shore
And promise what you crave

Shipwrecked by your cruel enchantments,
Blinded by your loft apartments
Taxis, High Streets, making ends meet.

All through the days and all through the nights,
Keeping my head above water, I'm not giving up yet.
I see your light burn right the fog, it's keeping my head above water,
I won't ever forget.
How'm I alive, how've I survived this far keeping my head above water?
I won't settle for less.

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